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Uncle Eddie & Robin

Unitarian Universalist Service Topics

"Pete Seeger: America's Tuning Fork"

Pete Seeger was a musician, an activist, an environmentalist, a humanist, and a Unitarian Universalist. He believed that we could change the world by bringing people together through the power of music, and singing together. Uncle Eddie & Robin marched with Pete at Occupy Wall Street. They discuss his life, his work, using his own words and songs and encourage the congregation to join in singing his songs. This year marks the 100th anniversary of his birth.

"Invitational Spirituality"

Children learn more readily when the environment is made more inviting and more conducive to facilitating engagement in the educational process.  Likewise, Unitarian Universalists recognize that our particular spirituality requires that we be inviting and accepting. The First Principle mandates that Unitarian Universalists accept the worth and dignity of every person. The Third Principle requires followers to accept one another, and encourage each other’s spiritual growth.  The Fourth Principle asks that Unitarian Universalists strive for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. These principles suggest that Unitarian Universalists should make their congregations inviting to those of widely divergent spiritual paths. Through words and music, Uncle Eddie & Robin will explore how to accomplish this.

"Fins, Fur and Feathers"

An exploration of our spiritual connections with animals and the other sentient creatures with whom we share this planet. Many of us have had notable encounters with animals that some might call messages, or "totems". This service calls on us to share some of these experiences, and consider what they might mean.


“Attitudes of Gratitude”

An exploration of the importance of expressing gratefulness in our lives. Many cultures and different spiritual traditions acknowledge gratitude as an important spiritual practice.  Some of the negative associations with our country's celebration of Thanksgiving will be examined, and we will deconstruct those aspects of this holiday from our desires to express our gratitude for the gifts we share in this life.


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