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Jimmy Knepper

Uncle Eddie & Robin

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Denny Blue

Flagship Romance

Dewey Via

Lauren Hines

Mike Campbell

Bob Patterson

Jackson Creek

Mark Evans

Baku Moses

Charlie Simmons

Betina Markley

Dean Whittle

Ed with family & friends

Robin with her mom, her kids, and her brand new husband

Ed's sister Becky and brother in law Dave

With Mark & Bonnie of Zen

Robin & Kay at The Ledges

The Recipe Family

The Drum Circle at the Ohio Valley Unitarian Universalist Congergation

Joe Prichard, Randy Keener, Mike Vitale at our Joining

Orland Carra


Jeff & Mandy Shirley

Mike Vitale

Greg Lowley


Tom & Lissy Whelan

Donny Decena

Mac Daner

Courtney Braunlich

Jeff 'Smoke Daddy' Tappe

Jack Thurman

Dave Turvey & Tom Hall UK

Tom Paley

Dan Fincham

 Steve 'Oso' Gornick

Gary Roeder

Eric Stadler

Julie Edlow Kehr

Kris Kehr

Andrew Shepherd

Randy Keener


(yes he plays the banjo left handed)

Loren Porter

Doug Blair

A bunch of us old timers who used to work together on the Jamboree back in the day - Jamboree Live

Jamie Peck - Our Favorite Engineer


Slim Lehart

Roy Scott

Karen McKensie

Robin & Paula

Dicky Pulz

Pops our other favorite photographer

Tim Boyd

Kat Klima

!!! Newlyweds !!!

Kent & Andrea at the Purple Fiddle

Many Photos by

Kay DeBeni